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Temperament Therapy

Marcie is a Certified Temperament Counselor and certified by the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA).   Temperament Therapy, is a scientifically, spiritually, and Biblically-based approach to behavior change.  


Temperament Analysis targets the source of problems by identifying temperament needs to help individuals find balance and relieve inner stress. It helps us understand ourselves. It helps us get to know who God is, how He created us, and how we can relate to Him. It helps us better relate to those around us. Just as potted houseplants typically come with a care label that provides instructions to tell us how much shade, sunlight, and water the plant needs to flourish and grow, similarly, a


Temperament Analysis provides insight into the individual's "care instructions"; or temperament needs that must be met for each person to flourish and grow emotionally and spiritually. 


Our Inborn temperament is placed within us by God while we are in our mother's womb. This temperament will remain with us throughout our lives. How do we (or do not) express this temperament can be affected by the following:​

  • Our upbringing (how we were raised as children)

  • Our social environment

  • Trauma & Heart Wounds

  • Our education and training

  • By the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives

Temperament determines how we interact with our environment and the people around us. Temperament also determines our perception and understanding of ourselves and of the people who love us. 



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