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Counseling Rates & Insurance 

Rates & Payment

Counseling fees are $100 per 60-minute session, and a sliding scale is provided for those with a lower household income.

We will also administer a professional assessment (APS), in the first session. 

The cost for this is $40 per individual.

Cash, checks, and all major debit and credit cards are accepted for payment.  Payments may be made at the time of service or may be paid online on our secure server.  Your account may not be more than one session past due at the time of service.  

Cancellation Policy
If 24-hour notice is not given for cancellations or missed appointments, the client will be charged for the session fee.


We can supply an invoice for insurance purposes upon request. However, because River House Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit organization and not a health care provider, we are not able to bill your insurance, nor can we guarantee payment by your insurance provider.

A lot of people use their insurance benefits to pay for counseling services because it provides an economical way to get the help you need. And if you have health insurance, you may have never even considered paying out of pocket for healthcare services. However, we believe in transparency and feel there are some things you should know about when using insurance and what you’re giving up for the cost of that co-pay.

If you use insurance, we have to give you a diagnosis. It’s not exactly common knowledge outside of mental health providers, but insurance companies require a diagnosis so they can decide if they’ll pay for counseling services or not. You read that right. Your insurance company gets to pick and choose if they’ll pay based on what we tell them about you. This means we have to give you a diagnosis, whether you really need it or not. Coming in because you’re dealing with grief over losing a loved one? You may get diagnosed with “major depressive disorder”. Struggling in a new relationship? You could get an “adjustment disorder” diagnosis.

2. If diagnosed, as mentioned above, this diagnosis may follow you. There may be times on job applications or membership forms when you’re asked “Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental health condition”? Counseling isn’t a bad thing — but there’s still some stigma around it, even with potential employers. In many cases, there is no statute of limitations for mental health disorder diagnoses, meaning they could follow you forever as a “pre-existing condition”. Paying out of pocket doesn’t require such a diagnosis.

Why Choose Biblical Counseling?

At River House Ministries, Inc., we believe that true healing and lasting change come from a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our Biblical counseling services offer a holistic approach to emotional and spiritual growth, helping individuals discover their worth and identity in Him. Our goal is to encourage and equip people to live the life that God has planned for them.

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